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May. 1st, 2011

I feel kind of bad I never post here anymore. But, I never have anything "post" worthy to say. I tend to just say random things most the time which is simpler to do on Plurk.

There's not much to say, despite not having said anything here since December. I beat Ar Tonelico 3, and have yet to finish Ar Tonelico 1 or 2. Am planning to scan tactics 9 and 10 this weekend. Will probably re do 11 as well and make them properly cleaned up for scanlation purposes. Will probably try and scan some other Kinoshita stuff I have as well.

I sort of feel like one of the few people not pissed off at Sony right now. I feel their doing the best they can and I'm sure my credit card info is fine, as there has been no weird activity with it. I'm also not worried about any user name/password combos being used anywhere as I don't share a username and password combo with my PSN account anywhere else. I am a little annoyed that netflix won't work without the PSN online but I can live without it. My laptop and PS3 are connected to the same monitor so it doesn't make a huge amount of difference if I stream from the laptop or the PS3.

I've been in the mood to do several craft type things, and... I think I really want to get them done and together by next year. I want to make some little hats. The sort you have with loligoth and maybe have some steampunk aspects to it. Going to make them out of paper and stuff. In fact I just found 3 books of wallpaper samples that are perfect for it. I'm also going to get some washi paper and make Japanese style versions with origami decorations instead of like normal bows out of ribbon.

The other things I want to make are plush dolls. I need to make a prototype to see how that may pan out, but I'm pretty sure I want to make a bunch if I can make them well. Was thinking of maybe making Touhou plushies or something. But in the end it all depends on how decide to make them and what I can manage.

Third is I want to do a doujin. And not my normal "I want to do a doujinshi for fun" but actually do something with it. I found a place that will publish stuff, you don't get a whole lot back, but considering half the time I would just offer it up for free anyway why not try and sell? Maybe I can convince myself to try harder that way and actually put together something good.

Dec. 10th, 2010

I would never have thought I would end up using plurk as much as I do....

I've been a little disappointed with Discedo of late, there's just... this feeling of dissatisfaction, and that I'm only there out of obligation at this point. Usually by this time I should have half or more of my AC done, but I haven't really bothered with anything. Meanwhile I've joined two new games, and added a character to Paradisa. I decided to app Almaz there since Alessandro and Vayne are just too passive, they don't get much CR and in Vaynes case it becomes hard to think of posts for him to make.... Almaz on the other had was an instant hit, I was surprised.

The two new games were mayfield_rpg and guysandolls. I mostly joined mayfeild because there was a Mao and Laharl, and I wanted to try Almaz with direct canonmates, though the Mao has vanished since I joined. I'm not really sure what I think of the game, it's interesting but... I'm just not huge on action logs all the time. But, I should see how things go first.

As or Guys and Dolls... I've only been there like two days. I'm not a fan of sex games, I'm really not. I'm not good with that kind of thing at all. I just tend to feel awkward, but it's not a forced sex game, so I don't really have to go there if I don't want to. In the end it was what made me decide to give it a chance. I put Kantarou in there since it has a 1900-1920s Japan feel to it, even if it's in a big giant red light district. They went through a lot of effort in detail too, I'm rather impressed. I do love Taishou era Japan so the concept is just so nifty. I still need to try and integrate Kantarou into the game though. It's a bit hard since I haven't had to do that in forever.
I didn't get to take advantage of the NIS sale like I wanted to. At least I got the art books they were offering, which was a pretty good deal. 15$ for the Trinity Universe and Sakura Taisen 5 books they offered with pre orders of those games. The Sakura Taisen one is still available as a set with the game in the store, but it's like 50$, and ever since NIS moved their store from Rosenqueen the shipping has been a bit more pricey than I like. It pretty much adds about 10$ to any order, so I've been hesitant about buying that set. But, now that I have the books on their own, I can look for that game elsewhere, and Trinity Universe sold out period anyway.

Still, I should have nabbed Ar Tonelico II, it was 15$....
Discedo has become so slow lately... I almost feel like any inspiration for it has fled. I used to at least be able to find posts to tag, or get replies for most my people when I post... but lately I feel like no one has posts up open to general people, or the ones that might just... it's so few I have to try and force my characters to have a reason to tag them. Also with the speed and size now the way the players group is more apparent. I don't want to say cliques or anything, but that's sort of how it is. No one is really branching out of their CR and that just does not make a good game when you're lucky to get about 2 IC posts a day. I almost feel like this is now the time to give up, and look for homes for the people I really care about. Or, at least just drop the people who don't do much, like Sealand and Hans... and as much as I hate to say it, Lute too. He does a lot, but is ignored by everyone....

But, Hans may get a canonmate of sorts soon, not from his exact canon, but the same game series. So, I'm really looking forward to that. But... I want to feel like there's something to do.

I should at least try and get involved in Paradisa more. I got sort of lost, and then had stuff to do, I wasn't able to keep up 100% and now I'm not sure how to jump back in. Maybe this is one of those things where I should just take one giant hiatus? Though, I don't feel like even a month will fix this, and if I went away for longer than that, I wonder if I would come back?

Meanwhile in other news~ I finished Disgaea 2 Axel's story. It was ridiculous, but gives a better idea of what kind of person Axel is. I'm looking forward to the fact he's one of the main characters in Disgaea 4. I also got The World of Disgaea and the World of Disgaea 2 books! The ones in English, they have a lot of cool information, though only the first one has measurements and height of the characters. I wish NISA would do one for the third game, since Broccoli isn't around anymore.

I also want to get my hands on Soul Nomad and La Pucelle Tactics. Though, I should wait and see if they bring over the PSP remake. Still, if I got both of those, I think my NIS PS2 game library will be complete.

Nov. 4th, 2010

I just bought DLC for Disgaea 3... it was 4 times the amount I paid for the game.... I regret nothing.

This has been way too funny and ridiculous I sort of wish I knew more about Keroro Gensou now, just so I could poke at it more. I can honestly say, I really have no idea what is going in in Almaz' thread anymore.
I feel horribly sad, and there's not much I can do about it. Discedo seems to be falling apart, and despite it's ups and downs, it's always been a plays I love. I'm not really sure what to do anymore....

I also need to figure out what I'm doing in Paradisa, I went on an unannounced hiatus (though I did fill in a form, I just didn't say anything in the OOC), I was just feeling distracted in general and unsure of what to do with some people. I think I may just give up on that canon review I keep meaning to do for Michael and drop him, along with Edwards. It was fun, and I did a lot more with Edwards than I ever expected, but there's simply so much I don't really know about him... and I may consider apping Kantarou more seriously there.
Whenever you have to wait longer on something, it feel agonizing. I'm a bit annoyed by it. It wouldn't bother me so much if there could be a grace period for apps. Like, if you submit an additional sample by such and such time, it will still be processed, instead of waiting an extra week. I have a feeling it will be out and out rejected though, since I don't feel like thinking up a complicated scenario to make him stand out. I mean, he's suppose to be the normal guy, do I have to make an entire post of him being a whiny coward to not seem bland?

I wonder what the point of submitting a link with additional examples. Was that "too bland" as well?

I wont even get to continue the endgame this week since my mom will have the PS3 till Sunday.
I beat Disgaea 3!

At least, the main story, the extra story at the end I haven't started yet, and then there's the DLC stuff, but the main story has been completed! And I did it properly, no downloading leveled up saves. I feel rather good and proud of myself, I finally understand the mechanics, though a few things are still a bit lost to me. I finished the game with Almaz at lvl 105 and Mao at about 99, Saphier at 95 or so and Mr. Champloo way down near 88. I sadly neglected almost everyone else, and hardly any of the other characters or generic characters were much over 40, unless they joined my party at a higher lvl.

Now I feel a lot of drive to finish Axel and Etna mode in Disgaea 1 and 2 for the PSP.

Oct. 21st, 2010

This was fun to make, and completely unproductive!

I recently got Disgaea 3, and I absolutely adore it. So far, I've actually been able to play it too! This will be the first time I didn't end up cheating (downloading a completed save file with lvled up characters and or stuff) to finish. I think I finally just understand the method of playing these games. I feel a little bad though, because I've been ignoring Rorona.... It doesn't help that I let my mom borrow the PS3 every other week. u.u;;
So I got vol 3 of Cafe Kichijouji De and read it the other day. I'm so sad there aren't anymore, it's such a fun series! I think I'll go and get vol 1 and 2 as well, just so I have them. I've also been reading The World God Only Knows, which is hilarious as well. I've gotten to about chapter 90ish so far.

I've had a huge craving for senbei recently, specifically peanut senbei, or just some of the sweet ones. I really want some, and I can't find anywhere to get the kind I want online. It's really frustrating, so many things I like but have no access too. The fact that I grew up with this stuff being easy to get, and now I can't makes it more so.

Atelier Rorona and other video games

So Monday I got Atelier Rorona limited edition set from NISA, this is a bit different from the Gamestop offer, though only in the fact it had an added OST and no pretty box. I'm a little sad, I would have put the box next to my Atelier Annie limited edition box. But, the CD was the better option, though I am tempted to try and just find the box to buy somewhere, but that seems sort of crazy.

The game is very fun, and though it is by no means the full range of what the PS3 can do, it is everything I expected so far. I haven't been able to play it for very long yet though, and only just got to play more than an hour today. This is GUSTs first attempt at 3D graphics and it's first PS3 title, they used the free engine that was put out, which is one of the reasons they hadn't been making PS3 games till this one to begin with. It goes back to the more traditional Atelier games, so the only thing like it in English is Atelier Annie for the DS. It's pretty similar to that in format too, you have 3 years, 12 assignments, a male handler, need to ask people to go with you out to the world to forage, have item requests and all that. No doubt I will continue to play this game till I beat it, and then can return to Valkyria Chronicles, though I suck at strategy games and I need to lvl up a bit more in it. I must confess though, I've done amazingly well in it and I do have fun in the battles for it, if only it wasn't an hour or more to get through them. x.x;

I find it interesting that I started off with more western games this round, though now I have more Japanese games. I can't think of any none Japanese games I had for PS or PS2, not that I avoided western ones, I just had no interest in them and I tend to play RPGs exclusively. But this round one of the top games on my list was Assassins Creed (which I have to get back to playing) I even found I enjoy Bioshock rather well, and I got that with the hope of appealing to someone else. In fact, I went and looked at the game play demo of Bioshock Infinite and think that looks incredibly cool! I don't really like FPS games, but somehow this series has caught my attention. Half Life did that too. Though, the majority of my games for the PS3 are still Japanese and are still RPGs (sort of) 5 out of 8 games are Japanese, and 4 of them are RPGs (Though VC is a STRPG and.... Folklore is more like an action game with RPG elements). I think this was a good time to get into the next console though, the smaller Japanese companies which make the sorts of games I tend to like are starting to develop now that the cost went down, and are now being licensed (OK So this really only means GUST, but hey! Ar Tonelico III is coming soon as well as Atelier Totori, well, that wasn't announced but it will be eventually.). I do feel a bit worried about new handhealds coming out though. I only got a DS a few years ago, and then it didn't work very well and had to get a new one (due to costs I got a DSi which with a trade in offer was the same as sending it to Nintendo to repair it.), I was also late to the PSP party. So the idea of a new system for those by next year or so makes me sad. Though, there are still plenty of things to get for both systems so I should be fine for a while.

Sep. 26th, 2010

Atelier Rorona will be here soon! I'm rather excited about that. I was sent a tracking number and stuff on the 23d, of course the post office has had no information on it, so for all I know it will be officially sent out on Monday and I still won't get it till sometime after the 28th, probably a week after.

Lately I've felt like playing video games more than role playing, and it's not that I've lost my drive to RP or anything either. Though, I go through these phases anyway, but it's hard to drag yourself back when things are slow. Discedo has started to crawl so badly, it makes it hard for me to work up things to do when nothing is really going on, or nothing my characters would comment on. In fact, I sort of feel like it would be fine to just drop everyone but Kantarou, and maybe Lute. Though, I think some of this is from frustration on how little I can get Hans involved with stuff, I really do love the character but maybe he would work better with Annie around. He is a straight man character so that might be some of the issue. Ah well. I still hold out hope that things will turn around soon.

Also, if I think about it, if Tokyo Pop keeps to what they did last year, maybe tactics vol 9 will come out sometime before Febuary.

I've wanted to draw something for a while, I keep getting ideas when I can't draw, and when I can, I sit there looking at a blank page with nothing coming out. It's really frustrating, and I know when this became a problem too. It started when I moved up here and has never gone away....
So, it seems Idol Master 2 is coming out in Japan soon, and it's about boy band idols. I recognize some of the seiyuu, at least in the tailor. This actually has me intrigued. XD I feel so very superficial right now.

Sep. 9th, 2010

It seems I'm mildly allergic to yellow jackets. This is proving very irritating.....

So, yesterday I was stung by a yellow jacket for the first time, in fact it was the first time any thing like a bee or wasp or any of those has ever stung me. I wasn't outside, I wasn't even moving.... I blame the people who keep leaving the door open and the fact that no one cut back the black berry bushes even though I asked for that to be done. (Not only do they attract the stupid yellow jackets, they are blocking the way to let down the fence and are becoming a hindrance.) But of course not.

I know it hurt up to about 6 hours after it happened, all I know is sometime after I managed to fall asleep and before I woke up it stopped throbbing. Though now it itches and I feel the way you do when you're mildly sick. I'm hoping this will stop by tomorrow, since I can't seem to concentrate on anything.

Anime made off Video games fail!

I'm sure there are some out there that are decent, though right now I can't think of any I've seen and played.

So, the other day I got Valkyria Chronicles, and it is a pretty awesome game. I usually fail at STRPGs but this I don't seem to be having any overly difficult problems (though I'm stuck in it right now. T.T;). It's a really endearing story and the characters are easy to feel for. It's a pretty game and I've been really enjoying it.

Now... I went to look up some stuff on it, and found out that there was an anime, this was a bad idea.... I decided to check out the first few episodes or so, and so far it's utter crap. They spent 2 episodes on the prologue of the game.... Yes, the shortest part of the game that's just about how they all start off, is given two whole episodes. And, the only really they could make it so long is because they added in a lot of pointless crap. I guess they needed to reinforce how awesome our heroes are and how stupid everyone else is or something.

So far what really annoys me about it, is the fact that they changed Alicia's personality, she's the main heroine. They've made her bossy, thick headed, and tsundere... when she's not. It's really disappointing.

Experiments with Atelier Annie

I probably should have double checked it after I saved it, for some reason the audio lost sync near the end. Oh well, I didn't make it for high quality or anything, it was mostly just an experiment. Next time I do something like this for serious I'll make proper images to go with it, or learn how to do image editing better. This is the first time I've even touched windows movie maker.