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Darkest Dreams

Darkest Dreams

2 July 1983
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Dream of Darkness

Nica is a rather uninteresting mild bibliophile who is currently mildly obsessed with Diana Wynne Jones and songs in Welsh. She grew up in San Francisco where she hopes to return to one day. She enjoys anime, manga, fantasy, tv, movies, video games and role playing.

Nica finds it a bit strange to write in third person though is always amussed to read the author blurbs in the back of books. She currently is a half aspiring artist though she doesn't put nearly enough work into it. Instead she spends most her free times reading or rping, or both. If she is not indulging in one of those she is either playing a various RPG video game or is in an MMO, either RO or Guild Wars or some random free one like flyff or Angels Online due to the fact she is usually broke and can't afford 10$ a month fees.

This journal is random, it consists of Nica's random thoughts, comments, and mostly over thinking of the things not said from novels. Memes and random illustrations also appear.

RPG Characters and Games

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